About us

Hello, my name is Eric Ford, I am a West Palm Beach resident since 1959. With the help of my parents (who lovingly but firmly told me that they would provide a roof over my head, food on the table and clothes on my back but that was it. If I wanted more than that then I would have to go out and earn it), I became self-employed at 12 years old. I was towing a lawn mower, rake and edger behind my bicycle and hustling & mowing the neighbor’s yards for several years and then later had a paper route. After graduating high school, (on a hot tip) I went with a friend to Nantucket, Massachusetts to find rich women and good surf (lol). I never met the rich women, did find some decent surf but more importantly, worked for a sailboat rental (concession) company and a year later, bought the company and proceeded to do that for 3 more years until being away from family/friends brought me back to West Palm Beach. A year later I bought a woodshop with my brother, took raw timber and manufactured waterbed furniture and sold it to the waterbed stores for 6 years until the waterbed industry finally collapsed. The year prior to closing the doors, I had bought a truck to deliver my products to make up for the lack of local sales. A year later, I’m out of business, with no work, stuck with a truck (and payment) and the guy that took over occupancy of the warehouse was a cabinet builder…. we hit it off, he says “Hey, I know of a company that designs, builds, delivers & installs cabinets for golf clubhouses and they don’t have a delivery company, they are sending builders and finishers to load and deliver their products. I could introduce you to them and if it works out, you could call the company Smooth Movers.” We laughed but guess what? That’s exactly what happened. So here I am many years later providing good service that all those prior businesses taught me (through trial and error). I LOVE working for myself, I LOVE the moving business, I LOVE being able to treat employees like family, work alongside them as a team (there is no “I” on our team). As such, all that love and enthusiasm transfers into our work.

Moving forward: It’s no secret that moving/death/divorce & taxes (and not necessarily in that order) can really stress people out so over the years I learned how to talk/treat/communicate with my clients and have relayed/taught that to my team so we always strive to provide men that are experienced, calm, pleasant and work in a timely manner. Unlike some of our competition, our trucks are kept neat, clean, organized and stocked with the latest moving equipment. Combine that with my team of men who have been working in the industry for over 50 years, who enjoy working in this industry, enjoy working for me and therefore it reflects in their work.

We work anywhere in the state of Florida but Palm Beach County is our most popular area. So, whether you’re moving in Wellington, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Manalapan, Lantana, Boynton beach, Ocean Ridge, Delray Beach, Boca Raton or cities in between, we are the moving company of choice, just ask the 1000’s of customers we have served.

There’s plenty of moving companies out there, many have “popped up” in the last few years with the burgeoning real estate market, so why Smooth Movers? Because these “Johnny-come-lately” companies don’t have the consistency in their work. They haven’t proved or provided consistent service since 1989. Some days they have good help, other days they don’t. No long-term consistency. I don’t have that problem. My turnover rate in help is 1 man every 5 or so years.


We can also help with your moving and/or storage needs, pack/unpack boxes, sell/deliver new packing materials, crating of various household items, picture hanging, in-house moving, POD (or any other) container loading or unloading, rental truck loading/unloading.

By the hour or flat rate, we can assist you with all of your moving needs.
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